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Second Son offers a portrait of first century Israel – a brutal land of lawlessness, economic inequality, oppression, rebellion, massacres, rapes and executions. Through it all there is the hope of the coming of their Messiah. The story is told through the life of Ya’akov (James in Greek) second son to Mariam and Yosef (Mary and Joseph), his youth as younger brother of Yeshua (Jesus), his late acceptance of Jesus as Messiah and eventual leadership role in the new faith, Christianity.

Ya’akov must navigate growing up with an older brother favored by his mother, an older brother destined to upend the Jewish nation, the Jewish religious establishment, Judaism itself, and the Roman world. As leader following the cruel execution of Yeshua, (and his resurrection and ascension), Ya’akov must function within Roman suppression, Herodian mismanagement, religious persecution and in-fighting between Jewish and Gentile followers.

In addition to his family, historical figures play major roles: Nicodemus, Stephen, Peter and the disciples, Herod the Great and his heirs, the man-god Caligula, Temple High Priests, and of course, Saul of Tarsus, called Paul.


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