PC 137 – Day of the Rope

A discussion of the Insurrection at DC on January 6, 2021. What were those Christian signs doing there with the Trump flags, Don’t Tread on Me snake flags and the Confederate Flags?
PC 136 – A Freshman in Nashville

A conversation between ML and Ethan on his first semester away at college in Nashville as well as a look at creativity, and his generation’s future, post COVID and Trump.
PC 135 – Post Election Blues

Chris and ML discuss presidential election and the chaos that followed. How has the Church handled the chaos and how will it once it is over?

PC 134 – Reparations

ML & Chris discuss reparations for slavery in the US. Germany is offered as a model when they made payments to Israel for the Holocaust. Should the US pay reparations to the descendants of slaves? How much? To whom? Is there a different way to do this than writing checks? Join us.
PC 133 – Church Push-Back

ML and Chris respond to push-back from listeners regarding the role of the American Church during the Pandemic.
PC 132 – COVID Isolation

The World Health Org. warns of a world-wide Mental Health crisis due to the Pandemic. Chris and Mike discuss isolation and its effects upon young and old.
PC 131 – Though a Righteous Man Fall

Impact Zone · PC 131 – Though the Righteous Fall

A conversation about the suicide of a well-known pastor and restoration for those who fall.


PC 130 –  Interview with High School Senior coping with Covid-19


ML interviews Ethan, a high school senior coping with the shut-down due to the Corona Virus as well as missing the typical high school graduation traditions: yearbook, prom, ditch-day, graduation…..

PC 129 – Fleeing Coronavirus in Portugal


While traveling in Portugal, ML and wife have to flee the Coronavirus moving south from Porto and west from Spain. They drive to the most SouthWest tip of Europe to escape.

PC 128 – National Prayer Breakfast

President Trump attends the National Prayer Breakfast. Chris and ML discuss the event and Trump’s missed opportunity.
PC 127 – Christianity Today & Trump


Deep look at Christianity Today editorial calling for President Trump’s removal from office.
PC 126 – Kanye – Part 2

Continued look at the art and character of Kanye West. Chris and ML discuss the responsibility of the Christian church towards this prideful artist.
PC 125 – Kanye West Jesus is Lord

A critique of Kanye West and his new album, Jesus is King. Should it be called Kanye is King?
PC 124 – Storytelling

Storytelling is an important tool in witnessing. ML leads a discussion following a recent retreat with younger men.

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