“If any real theologian reads these pages he will very easily see that they are the
work of a layman and an amateur…. I write, of course, as a layman of the Church of
England: but I have tried to assume nothing that is not professed by all baptised and
communicating Christians….Any theologian will see easily enough what, and how
little, I have read.”
C.S. Lewis – Preface to The Problem of Pain, 1940

My disclaimer goes further. It includes additional areas beyond my curriculum vitae. (Politics, music, others) My intent is to offer observations and responses from the perspective of the Kingdom of God as I understand it to be. I hold that Jesus established His Kingdom at the start of His ministry (Matt. 3:2), and that He promised an abundant life (John 10:10) for those of us who have entered the narrow gate (Matt.7:13) to acknowledge His Lordship. Hence the title of this project, “Notes from the Abundant Life.”

Like CS Lewis, I welcome enlightenment from those more learned than I on the matters about to be discussed.

ML Bettino

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved the video on the value of first followers. Been one most of my life. I guess significance comes from the relavence of the act compared to just several fools jumping up and down in the park. But maybe that movement is more worthwhile than catching fish with a stick. Dan

  2. One of my favorite hymns is Lord of the Dance, to the tune of the Shaker Hymn “Simple Gifts.” So I actually loved your video and its message about followers. I believe dancing is an expression of joy and reflects living an abundant life.

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